Lent Bumps and Boat Club Dinner

I'm certainly long overdue for a post at this point - a sad reminder of the fact that I haven't been spending nearly as much time with my camera this year as I have before, partly because I'm now a cox rather than an injured, photo-taking rower.


I did have the chance to photograph a couple of divisions of Lent Bumps once I was done coxing in my own, which was a huge amount of fun. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept, a Cambridge "Bumps" race involves starting crews a length and a half apart and getting them to try and crash into the crew ahead before they get hit by the crew behind, with a maximum distance of two kilometers. It's terrifying as a coxswain, because if your boat gets hit then it's you who's most likely to be injured! On the plus side, a great spectator sport. See all of my photos up on Row2k here.  


The week ends with a "Boat Club Dinner" in your college - pictured here are my own crew with our lent term "colours" awarded for rowing in the first boat in Lent Bumps. Until this year, Selwyn women were awarded a garter in college colours, but our wonderful captain (Teresa Baron, first row, second from right) rightly judged that tradition as belonging to a more sexist time and condemned it to a swift death. Instead we get these very beautiful and very useful wraps, a resurrected tradition from the 70s. 

Three months left until May bumps (which are, confusingly, in June) - will be spending them working on steering a much tighter course and writing a dissertation about the history of the IUD in Britain. Game on!