Published work

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Research Projects

"The Demand for IUDs: Making a 'Respectable' Alternative for Oral Contraception in Britain, 1962-86", M.Phil. Dissertation, June 2016

"Debating the Link Between Obstetric Radiography and Childhood Cancer in Britain, 1954-62", M.Phil. Essay, March 2016

"Evidence and Authority in Infanticide Trials at the Old Bailey, 1674-1734", M.Phil. Essay, January 2016

"'Race Poison' to 'Supreme Selfishness': Constructions of Alcohol-Related Foetal Risk in British Newspapers from 1918-2008", M.Phil. Essay, December 2015

"Conflict and Cooperation: The Rockefeller Foundation’s Relationship with the Medical and Nursing Schools of São Paulo, 1916-1944", undergraduate thesis, May 2015