Princeton vs. Georgetown, Syracuse, MSU & Brown

Last week I had the opportunity to photograph Princeton's lightweight men, heavyweight men and openweight women race their season openers against schools from around the country. 

Heavyweight 1V races Georgetown, Syracuse

The weather started out cold and got colder and rainier as the morning wore on; most of my photographs of the later racing were shot through a Rainsleeve that barely kept my camera dry. 

The openweight women's B four races MSU & Brown.

My pants were less fortunate, and after over four hours shooting in the rain finding a spare set of dry clothes at the boathouse was a huge relief.

The openweight women's 1V races Brown and MSU

Overall, it was a successful day of racing for Princeton, with the lightweight men sweeping over Georgetown, the top two heavyweight boats besting Georgetown and Syracuse, and a close loss to Brown for the openweight first varsity after a great sprint, though their 2V and 3V posted solid wins.

The lightweight men's 2V races Georgetown

The weather didn't stop rowers and non-rowers alike from putting on a good face for the camera...

Julia Stoner '14 mans a stake boat.

Ed Northrop '16 in high spirits after a strong win over Georgetown

Ed Northrop '16 in high spirits after a strong win over Georgetown

Thanks go to Ed Hewitt of Row2k for taking me along on the aligner's launch and to Marty Crotty for facilitating.