I just returned from two months of thesis research in Brazil, where 99% of the photos I took were of early 20th century medical documents. Naturally, upon my arrival back in Turkey I was eager to point my camera at a living subject. 


A great opportunity came on a boat trip in Çeşme, a windy seaside town where everyone goes in the summer to escape Izmir's oppressive heat. Although the humans on board were somewhat unenthusiastic about having their pictures taken, I had no such trouble with our four year old Maltese, Phoebe, who is a very willing model.


Getting her to look in the right direction is always the most challenging part- she loses interest in me extremely quickly (especially when my mother/her mother is around) and after a while calling her name stops getting a response.


Overall, I'm happy with the few clear photographs of her that I was able to get, and really happy with the relatively new lens I shot them with-- a Canon 50mm f/1.4.